Grading and Cleaning Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Nut Grading and Cleaning Machines. Our Grading and Cleanings Machines are “Excell 700 – Cracked Walnut Cleaning Machine, Excell 703- Nuts Grading Machine, Excell 704 – Nuts Grading Machine, Excell 710-Air Nuts Cleaning Machine.

Grading and Cleaning Machines are diversified depending on the sensitivity and capacity characteristics of the product. The basic definition of these machines is to separate the kernels of cracked products such as walnuts and hazelnuts in different sizes and to remove their shells.

The product, which is separated from the shell, cleaned and sized, has a higher market value. Therefore, we can say that these technologies add added value to the product.

Grading and Cleaning Machines, Indispensable Technologies of Walnut Processing Plants

Nut Grading and Cleaning Machines play important roles in “Walnut Processing Plants”. These Technologies, which have different models, not only grade cracked walnuts by removing the broken shells and dust, but also classify them into more than one size with its high analysis capacity.

For example, while Excell 700 Cleaning Machine simply separates the walnut from the Shell and grade kernels, the Excell 703 Cleaning Machine has the ability to calibrate the mixed product into 5 different sizes. For perfect results, these machines can also be used together in the production line.

As Ussort Technology, we offer customised solutions together with our project team and determine the machines in the production lines to achieve the final cleaning and grading results expected by the user.

Grading and Cleaning Machines, Special Technology for Sensitive Products

Products such as unshelled walnuts, hazelnuts can be defined as sensitive products. Damaging the golden yellow membrane covering the kernel causes oiling problem and prepares an environment for product spoilage. In addition, since it is made ready for direct consumption, it must be processed in accordance with hygiene rules.

As Ussort Technology, we develop, design and manufacture our technologies by analysing the characteristics of the product. Our Grading and Cleaning Machines are also manufactured with this approach. Considering the expectations of the target audience, the product, market conditions and customer needs, we plan the production line and therefore the production process.

As Ussort Tecnology, our R&D Department, Project Department, Production Department and Installation Department work together to bring processing plants to life.