Liquid Treatment Machines


Ussort Technology offers a machine for every step in the seed processing. As Ussort Technology, we manufacture the state of the technology product Liqued Treatment Machine for seeds. Thanks to the Liquid Treatment Machine, the product covered with chemical pesticides is protected from harmful and unhealthy conditions such as insect and fungus.
Liquid Treatment Machine, commonly used in Seed Processing Plants, protects the product and extends its shelf-life. While measuring up to the user’s expectations, we also satisfy their needs.

Liquid Treatment Machine, The Technology to Protect Seed Grains

Liquid Treatment Machine ensures long-term storage of the crops, which is separated from dust, impurities and loose grains in Seed Processing Plants. In this way, the product is prevented from insect and fungal problems, and the product processed in high tonnages can be safely stored in silos for many years.
As Ussort Technology, we manufacture all the machinery and equipment required for the processing and storage of seed varieties. So, while measuring up to the user’s expectations, we also satisfy their needs.

The Working Pricniple of Liquid Treatment Machine:
The seed grains fed into the holding hopper are sprayed during passing through the spraying disc while being transported to the feed screw. The liquid, fed into the applicators by the pump and liquid feeding system, is uniformly distributed over the product by means of the spraying disc. The product delivered to the feed screw is mixed here to ensure that the liquid completely covers the product.

Product Contact Surfaces In the Seed Liquid Treatment Machine “Stainless Steel”

Seed Liquid Treatment Machine is produced with materials that will ensure a healthy processing of the product, as well as designed with features that will provide ease of use to the user: The surfaces where the product comes into contact in the Seed Liquid Treatment Machine are made of stainless steel.
The arms in the mixing system are coated with silicone to prevent any damage to the seed during the spraying process. In this way, the screw body can be cleaned and product jamming is prevented.

Seed Liquid Treatment Machine is included technology in many features. Considering user friendliness, the liquid ratio can be adjusted automatically in the desired amount with automatic screen control.

As Ussort Technology, we developed the Seed Liquid Treatment Machine by considering customer satisfaction as in other machines. This machine, which is served to the Global Dried Food Market, is a state-of-the-art technology product like our other machines.