Pre-Cleaning Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture “Pre-Cleaning Machines”. Pre-cleaning machines are the initial unit in the production lines of Seed, Nuts or Pulses Processing Plants. The natural products from field are first processed in the vibro separator and air recycling aspirator machine to be separated from the rough particles.

Pre-Cleaning machines consists of Vibro Separator, Air-Recycling Aspirator Machine and Aspiration Box.

Ussort Technology Sales and Marketing Team and Project Team work together to determine the customer-specific production line. In this process, one of the most important machine groups included in the projects is pre-cleaning machines.

Pre-cleaning machines, which we can define as small in design but big in impact, are the first step for perfect cleaning of the product. While being processed by pre-cleaning machines, products are separated from waste and dust, which are defined as rough particles.

Vibro Separator, one of the pre-cleaning machines, removes the waste from the natural products such as pulses, nuts and seeds by means of a double-layer sieve and a vibrating mechanism. Air recycling aspirator machine, which is an integral part of the vibro separator, functions to remove fine particles and dust thanks to air circulation. The aspirator ensures this air circulation in the machine.

After pre-cleaning process, the dried food products such as wheat, barley, sunflower seeds, chickpeas etc. are transferred to the next machine for cleaning process.

Pre-Cleaning Machines are One of the Most Commonly Used Machines in Cereals, Pulses and Nuts Processing Plants.

While designing Seed, Nuts and Pulses Processing Plants, based on customer expectations and needs, machines and models are developed to meet the needs. Pre-cleaning machines, one of the most important components of production lines are designed and manufactured in this manner.

Every small scale or large scale plant put into operation by Ussort Technology contains a pre-cleaning group. The machines in the production lines screen, clean and size the product for many times and Ussort Technology branded plants operates to achieve the perfect result.

Pre-Cleaning Machines have been designed by our R&D Team as the first step to ensure perfect cleaning.