Indent Cylinders


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Indent Cylinders. Thanks to the pockets inside, indent cylinder separates unwanted long or short product admixtures from the granular dried food products. To summarise briefly, the technology positioned between Stone Separator and Gravity Separator is used for separating long-short products.
Indent Cylinder is one of the most common machines used in Cereals, Pulses, Seeds and Oilseeds processing and cleaning plants.

Stone Separator operates in front of “Indent Cylinder”

Granular dried food products such as wheat, oats, lentils, beet seeds, sunflower seeds are screened, sized, cleaned and packaged in processing plants. Various machinery and equipment are involved in this process and operated in the production line.

Ussort Technology manufactures machines that make the dirty granular dried food varieties, which are harvested from the soil, clean for human health. Indent Cylinder is also one of these machines included in the machine park.

The products processed in the Stone Separator and separated from heavy particles such as metal and stone, etc., are transported to the Indent Cylinder and separated from short, round and broken product impurities and admixtures.

Indent Cylinder, the technology preparing products for Gravity Separator

The products processed in the Stone Separator and separated from the stones, are transferred to the rotating cylinder that has pockets or so-called indents on it. The products embed themselves in these indents. All grains larger than indents remain inside the cylinder and are discharged. The products are poured into the screw conveyor in the Indent Cylinder and conveyed to the other cylinder inside the machine. The broken grains are separated from the product at this stage. By this way, long seeds and broken grains are removed from the main product to a great extent before being transferred to the Gravity Separator.

Gravity Separator has a suitable environment to remove light impurities and weak grains from the product transferred from the indent cylinder.

As Ussort Technology, we have expertise in the cleaning of granular dried food varieties; we keep up with the state of the art technology and strive to meet and exceed market expectations at the highest level. We develop and design innovative machines and equipment for the best result with Ussort Technology R&D Team. Indent Cylinder is one these machines.