As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Stone Separation Machine. Stone Separation Machine is one of the important technologies that must be part of the plants that clean any type of grain product. Heavy impurities such as stones, glass, metal, etc., which are mixed with the product after harvesting, are separated from the product thanks to Stone Separation Machine.

Stone Separation Machine Equipped with Technology

We develop and manufacture Stone Separation Machines with different technological features. The most suitable model for the best result in co-operation with other machines is determined and offered by Ussort Technology Sales and Marketing Team. Ussort Technology offers mechanical, semi-automatic and fully automatic models of Stone Separation Machines. In addition, Alfa DS 200, which has been designed and manufactured in recent years, has also been included in the Ussort Technology machine scale. The difference of this machine compared to others is its unique eccentric system and actuator controlled table angle adjustment system. PLC, mechanical models and semi-automatic models can be designed and produced in different capacities such as large and x-large.

Stone Separation Machine Removes Heavy Impurities from the Natural Product.

Stone Separation Machines sort out the heavy impurities such as stones, metal or glass contained in products harvested from the field and remove them from the natural product. Light impurities such as sand, dust and straw are separated by the pre-cleaning machines in the production line.

The auxiliary equipment complementing the Stone Separation Machine can be listed as holding silo, elevator conveying the product to the holding silo and vibrating screen conveying products to the stone separator.

Stone Separation Machines can be manufactured in different sizes depending on the capacity of the product to be screened in the production line. The user’s budget and required amount of plant capacity is an important determining factor in this case. Technology in Stone Separation Machines is also variable: There are screen-controlled system, fully automatic system or semi-automatic and mechanical system options.

Ussort Technology offers machine models and benefit-oriented projects that will satisfy the Global Dried Food Sector Representatives with more than 350 machines and equipment.