Horizontal Series


As Ussort Technology, we also offer Horizontal Series Color Sorting Machine. Our machines included in this series are “Horizontal Fotosorter 30, Horizontal Fotosorter 90, Horizontal Fotosorter 120”.

As Ussort Technology, we have developed this series specially for sensitive and fragile products.

The common features of this series, which differ from each other according to capacity:
– Easy To Operate, Image Capturing System, 5340 Pixel High-speed Line Scan Ccd Image Sensor, Perfectly Identifying Subtle Spots Of 0.04 Mm², Solenoid Valves, Image Processing, Feeding System, Super-wide Conveyor Belt, Led Technology, Innovative Smart Led Shadowless Cold Light System, Powerful Color Sorting Function, Specially Designed For Fragile Products.

Fotosorter Color Sorting Machines are technologies that detect and separate the unwanted particles from good kernels after pre-cleaning process of seeds, oil seeds, pulses, nuts and cereals in cleaning and screening plants with advanced camera system.

There are sensitive and fragile varieties of granular dry food products. For example, peanut kernels, walnut kernels, hazelnut kernels are some of them. While cleaning such products quickly, easily and hygienically, it is important to ensure that they are not damaged. Since the “Horizontal Belt Series” is designed horizontally, it does not need an elavator. Thus, it is aimed to prevent product loss. In this way, the possibility of damage is reduced as the possibility of the crops hitting each other or friction against the elavator is eliminated.

As Ussort Technology, we show great attention to ensure that the product is not damaged in each of the machines performing the processes of screening, cleaning, grading, conveying and packaging of granular dried foods. The Horizontal Series is one of our machines used for this purpose.

The Horizontal Belt Series consists of three models: Horizontal Fotosorter 30, Horizontal Fotosorter 90 and Horizontal Fotosorter 120. These models of the Horizontal Belt Series, which can even be fed manually depending on the sensitivity of the product, differ from each other by their capacity.

As Ussort Technology, we will continue to produce useful machinery and equipment by analyzing the product requirements.