Post-Packaging Systems


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Post-Packaging Machines and Equipments. Auxiliary technologies used during or after packaging process by using Packaging Machines and Equipments are also included in the product range of Ussort Technology.

Our machines and systems under the title of Post-Packaging Machines and Equipments are “Carton Packing Machines, Robotic Solutions, Stretching Machines, Vacuum Machines, Metal Detectors, Printers, Carton Coding Machines, Sticking Machines”.

Post-Packaging Machines and Equipments, The Last Word in Production Lines

After the products cleaned in the Cereals, Pulses, Nuts, Seeds and Oilseeds Processing Plants and made ready to meet the end customer, they are boxed, sealed, labelled, coded, transported or stacked thanks to special technologies.

Ussort Technology has a specific technology for each product. Post-packaging solutions are offered in a product-specific and customer-oriented manner.

Post Packaging Machines and Equipments includes all necessary machines and equipments for a full-fledged packaging line.

From machines stretching packaged products to production lines putting them into carton boxes and to robotic transport solutions developed to stack bags easily; from vacuum machines extracting air from the package to metal detectors designed to ensure the health of the product; from printers making notes on the packages to carton coding machines and sticking machines that strengthen the cartons, all technologies that ensure perfect work in a packaging line take their place in Ussort Technology machine park.

Post-Packaging Machines and Equipments, Ussort Technology’s Assertive Machine Series

As Ussort Technology, we have already installed full-fledged processing plants in 75 countries of the world as of today. We also have all the machinery and equipment that should exist in a plant.

We provide all-round service with our Pre-Cleaning Group, Cleaning and Grading Group, Liquid Treatment Group, Packaging Group, Post-Packaging Machines and Equipments.
By establishing turnkey plants for our customers, we save time and always stand by them with all our machinery and equipment and quality service.
Under the heading of Post-Packaging Machines and Equipments, our customers have access to a sticking machine as well as a full-fledged carton packing line. As Ussort Technology, we have no limits in innovation and service!