Brushing Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture brushing machines. Our product range includes two different varieties of machines: Sunflower Seed Polishing Machine and Brushing Machine.

The usage area of the brushing machine is quite wide. It is used for cereals, pulses, nuts products as well as sensitive seed varieties. The intended purpose of it varies based on the product. While its purpose can be to remove the dust covering the outside of the product and make it shine, it can also be used to separate the product from unwanted particles such as awns. In addition, the brushing machine is also used to reduce the *saponin level in the outer layer of legume varieties such as quinoa to minimum levels.

The Working Principle of “Brushing Machine”

Brushing Machine has a wide range of usage area: It removes dust from the outside of products such as beans and polishes them. It brushes and polishes the outside of nuts such as sunflower seeds and removes the awns of spice seeds such as aniseed and cumin. It also brushes pulses such as quinoa to reduce the saponin level and minimise the possibility of foaming.

Brushing Machine has a cylinder and brushes in its internal mechanism. The product fed into the machine is gently brushed by means of the brushes on the cylinder, and by this way, dust, dirt, membrane and awns are removed.

Sunflower Seed Polishing Machine Removing the Outer Membrane of the Product

As Ussort Technology, we have special technologies for sunflower seeds. One of them is Sunflower Seed Polishing Machine.
Sunflower Seed Polishing Machine removes the shell, membrane and dust on the outer surface of the sunflower seeds gently by means of friction technology and thus ensures that the product has a natural and healthy shine.

The working principle of Sunflower Seed Polishing Machine: Products fed into the Sunflower Seed Polishing Machine is made to shine by peeling the membranous layer on it by means of friction while passing through the rotary screen. While the removed membrane is discharged, the polished sunflower seeds are conveyed through the cylinder and sent to the other machine for processing.

As Ussort Technology, we always pay attention to user expectations. We allocate time for R&D studies to develop product-specific technologies. While working on new machines, we also labour to improve existing machines.

Sunflower Seed Polishing Machine is a product-specific machine manufactured by considering the needs of Nut Industry Representatives.
*Saponins are bitter-tasting usually toxic plant-derived organic chemicals that have a foamy quality when agitated in water.