Diamond Series


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Diamond Series Color Sorting Machine. Diamond Series Colour Sorting Machine is manufactured with optical lens technology. Thanks to this technology; granular products such as seeds, pulses, nuts and plastic granules are sorted by their colours and an almost perfect separation process is performed. Horizontal and vertical models have been developed in accordance with the product and plant requirements.

Diamond Series Color Sorting Machine’s Perfect Optical Color Sorting System

Diamond Series Optical Color Sorter is used to sort granular products such as seeds, pulses, nuts and plastics by their color. By means of its high-resolution, 16MP cameras and air ejectors, it can detect and reject discolored products. Thus, the quality of the pre-cleaned product is increased to 99.9%.

State of the art technology product Diamond Series Colour Sorting Machine has the function of sorting impurities, detecting large size and small size products, and separating kernels from shelled nuts.

Diamond Series Color Sorting Machine, which can detect discolored materials thanks to its advanced lens technology, is assertive with its high-resolution 16MP cameras.

Diamond Series Photosorter Colour Sorter Machine, The Technology Running from One to Ten Channel

Diamond Series Fotosorter Color Sorting Machines are used to achieve almost perfect results in plants that clean pulses, cereals, nuts, seeds and oilseeds.
Artificial Intelligence Diamond Series Color Sorting Machine can make its own adjustment based on the product with its automatic analysis button; it can analyse white, yellow, red and black colours, identify the defective products and remove them from the fine product.

Besides granular dried food products, this technology is also used for sorting the plastic granules, impurities etc. It is also one of the machines used in the plastic recycling industry.

Diamond Series Photosorter Colour Sorting Machine has horizontal and vertical models. It can also process products from one to ten channels. As the number of channels increases, the amount of product processed by the machine will also increase. As Ussort Technology, we guide the user by determining the number of channels according to the capacity of the facility.

As Ussort Technology, we are assertive with Diamond Series Fotosorter Color Sorting Machine.