Seed Cleaning and Processing Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture ” cereals screening technologies” and install “pulses screening plants and seed processing plants”. We have a wide range of machinery and equipment developed with innovative ideas specific to the needs of the user for the cleaning and screening process of pulses harvested from the field.

Our Pulses Screening and Seed Processing Machine series can be listed as follows: Excell Series Screening Machines, Classic Screening Machines, Pre-Cleaning Machines, De-stoner Machines, Gravity Separator Machines, Indent Cylinders, Brushing Machines, Liquid and Powder Treatment Machines, Hulling Machines, Hulling Mills.

“Screening Machines” Cleans and Grades Pulses Products in Pulses Screening and Seed Processing Plants.

As Ussort Technology, we manufacture “Excell Series Fine Cleaning Machines” and “Classical Screening Machines”. Since 2017, we have developed many models by paying attention to customer needs. We have a wide range of product options including screener models that can screen in high tonnage as well as process sensitive products. In addition, we also have models that can both clean and size the product.

Air pressure and vibration feature are the basis of the working logic of screening machines. The functions and capacities of these machines consisting of multilayer screens vary according to the product. Depending on the user’s request, the machine can be operated for different types of pulses by replacing the screens of the machine.
There are wastes that should not be found in the natural product harvested from the field: Wastes such as stones, sand, butts and straws are separated from the natural product in pulses screening plants and seed processing plants, and screening machines play one of the most important roles in this process.

Classical Screening Machines in pulses screening plants and seed processing plants are also known as “Screen Cleaners and Graders”. These models have been developed over time and “Fine and Super-Fine Cleaning” models have been produced. Fine Cleaning Machines give superior, faster and more perfect results by means of automation technology. Thus, pulses screening plants and seed processing plants are running with high performance.

As Ussort Technology, we always include Classical Models in our product range while manufacturing innovative machines with our R&D Team in order to meet all expectations and needs.

Pulses Screening Plants and Seed Processing Plants Equipped With Machines Performing Different Tasks:

As Ussort Technology, as of 2022, we have already put pulses screening plants and seed processing plants into operation in 74 countries around the world. These plants were installed with different types of machinery and equipment depending on customer expectations, product specifications and capacity expectations.

However, we should underline that Excell Series Fine Cleaning Machine and Classical Screening Machines are the basic machines in a screening plant. The machines that mostly complement these machines can be categorised as pre-cleaning machine, gravity seperating machine, destoner machine, liquid and powder treatment machines, packaging machine and equipments.

The success point in our pulses screening plants and seed processing plants, where successful results are obtained in the screening and cleaning processes, is that the machines specially developed for each process are operated in harmony with each other.