Hulling And Splitting Machines


As Ussort Technology, we include Hulling and Splitting Machines in our range of machines. We offer different models special for different products in our machine park in order to meet customer expectation. By this way, we ensure that our customers have access to all technologies in one step and we carry out turnkey projects.

The Hulling and Splitting Machines in our range of product: Vertical De-Huller, Horizontal Splitter, Hammer Mill.

“Hulling and Splitting Machines” Peel and Grind Grain Varieties, and Splitt Animal Feed.

As Ussort Technology, we manufacture many types of machines to meet the needs of Dried Food Industry Representatives. Vertical De-huller that peels cereals such as lentils, bulgur, peas, broad beans; Horizontal Splitter that grinds various cereals and grain products; and Hammer Mill used in the preparation process of animal feeds supplied to the livestock industry are included in our machine park under the title of “Hulling and Splitting Machines”.

The Working Principle of the Machines in General Terms:

One of the Technologies of Hulling and Splitting Machines is “Vertical De-huller”. It peels the thin shell of shelled cereals such as lentils after harvesting by gently sanding without damaging the product. The bran resulting after this process is removed from the product by means of air pressure.

Horizontal Splitter removes the outer shell of granular dried food products such as lentils, broad beans, peas and chickpeas by peeling them between two stones. This technology is one of the oldest and widely used models of the Hulling and Splitting Technologies.

The other machine included in the Hulling and Splitting Technologies is Hammer Mill. This machine is an essential machine in plants preparing feed for cattle, small ruminants or fish. This machine enables the preparation of feed in a content that will meet the nutritional needs of animals as well as allows to adjust the bite size of the feed by splitting or grinding the feed by animal type.

Our Hulling and Splitting Machines are state of the art technology products. It performs a sensitive process. Our Hulling and Splitting Machines which are easily installed and integrated into grain, pulses or feed plants, are easy to use. Ussort Technology Installation Teams installs the Hulling and Splitting Machines and provide training to the operators.

As Ussort Technology, we always stand by the Representatives of Dried Food and Livestock Industry with our Hulling and Splitting technologies.