Rotary Type Packaging Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Rotary Type Packaging Machine. Technologies in this machine series are “Packaging Machine RB6 Series, Packaging Machine RB8 Series”.
Rotary Type Packaging Machines have been developed to keep food products clean and safe.

There are various models in the packaging industry such as standard package, zipped package and seating bag , seating side with cover. Rotary Type Packaging Machines have the feature of working with different package models. This offers the user a wide range of packaging and provides an advantage in production.

“Packaging Machine RB6 Series” one of the Rotary Type Packaging Machines

“Packaging Machine RB6 Series” is suitable for packaging both powdered and granulated dried food products. Packaging Machine RB6 is made of stainless steel accents. The machine can be controlled with 3.8″ touch screen. This model has a completely covered electrical system and mechanism. Thanks to the Emergency Stop Button, it can be stopped immediately in case of any problem. If any breakdown occurs during operation, the error caution system will be activated. Packaging Machine RB6 Series, has adjustable speed control system. Thanks to the plastic balls in its mechanism, no lubrication is required.

“Packaging Machine RB8 Series”, Another One of the Rotary Type Packaging Machines

“Packaging Machine RB8 Series” can be used for various types of packages from standard package model to seated package. It is similar to the Packaging Machine RB6 Series with many features. It is easy to use and offers sensitive adjustment opportunity. It is easy to install, disassemble and clean.

Rotary Type Packaging Machines by Ussort Technology

As Ussort Technology, our Rotary Type Packaging Machines are one of our most demanded machines with a wide range of packaging options. We have a wide sales network all around the world and we also stand by our users after sales, providing installation, technical service and spare parts. We invest in technology and hygiene in the production of our food packaging machines. We are aware of the importance of the packaging process for human health. We achieve the perfect result with our serial and clean Rotary Type Packaging Machines. As of today, we have hundreds of machines delivered to users in nearby and distant geographies.