Excell 703 – Nuts Grading Machine

Product CodeExcell 703


 Thanks to its screen structure, it is used to classify shelled nuts according to their sizes. It can grade in high yield.


 The product that enters the machine passes through the screens and graded (calibrated) into 5 different sizes.

Technical Table
Machine Dimentions (mm) xyz  3260x2160x3050
Machine Weight 3200kg
Machine Screening Area 12m²
Number of Screens 4
Machine Screening Size mm-xz   1250X2400
Machine Accentric Motor 2,2kw
Machine Noice Level 80 Decibel Maksimum
Machine Color Acrylic Grey – Acrylic White
Screen Cleaning Self-Cleaning System
Standard Voltage 380  Volt Total Power  2,2 kw
Machine Manufacture Material st 44 Ç 1040 1st Class Plywood