Nut Processing Systems


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Nut Processing Systems. Nut Processing Systems includes Nut Cracking Machine, Nut Grading and Cleaning Machine, Nut Peeling and Drying Machines. Ussort Technology manufactures machinery and equipment for all processes such as peeling, drying, cleaning, grading and cracking of nut products.

“Nut Processing Systems” Nut Processing Systems by Ussort Technology

Ussort Technology has a wide range of Nut Processing Systems enriched with technology:
Nut Cracking Systems include Walnut Cracking Machine and Hazelnut Cracking Machine; Grading and Cleaning Machines include Excell 700- Nuts Cleaning Machine, Excell 703 Nuts Grading Machine, Excell 704 Nuts Grading Machine and Excell 710 Air Nuts Cleaning Machine.

Nut Peeling and Drying Machines include Vertical Conveyor, Stick Separator, Tree Nut De-stoner, Tree Nuts Washing Machine, Modular Nut Dryer and Multi-Layer Drying Systems.

Nut Processing Systems are Ready to Meet All Expectations of the Global Walnut Industry

Dozens of machinery and equipment operating in the field of nuts manufactured by Ussort Technology are in demand from many countries of the world. These Technologies, particularly used in walnut products, can process and pack the product as shelled walnuts or walnut kernels.

These Technologies cracking the walnut with maximum percentage of halves, calibrating and removing the shell of the cracked walnut are manufactured using materials and components within the framework of hygiene rules. The machines, which offer the opportunity of adjustment by the type of product by means of the Automatic Display Control feature, provide convenience to the user.

Nut Processing Systems, which can process products in high tonnages, include all the machinery and equipment required to build a full-fledged walnut processing plant. Thus, Walnut Industry Representatives who want to build a plant can access all machinery and equipment through the same channel.

Ussort Technology Installation Teams determine the machines that should be in the production line by considering the technical specifications such as the type of product, shell thickness, by paying attention to the expectations of the customer, and by developing projects. Ussort Technology Walnut Unit Installation Engineers make the necessary machine adjustments. As long as the Nut Processing Systems are designed and adjusted by experts, the result satisfies the user.