Conveying Systems


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture “Conveying System”. Conveying Systems are the devices that ensure the transfer of all types of bulk products between the machines. These technologies, which are essential in processing plants in the field of cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds and oilseeds, are grouped as elevators, conveyor belts and screws.
These systems, which have the capacity to transfer dried granular products, can be defined as the vessels of the product processing lines.

Conveying Systems- Elevators Sensitively Transporting the Product

As Ussort Technology, we have various elevator systems. These elevators under the title of Conveying Systems are Bucket Elevator, Z Type Horizontal Elevatör, Z Type Vertical Elevator, Pendulum Bucket Elevator and P Elevator. Elevators transport granular dried food types to the machines by means of vertical or horizontal buckets. Developed in accordance with the sensitivity of the product, this system is an important equipment accompanying the main machines.

Conveying Systems- Conveyor Belts Also Known As Transport Belts

The usage areas of Conveyor Belts, one of the Conveying Systems, are not limited to the plants and are quite wide. It is used in warehouses, product distribution centres, stackable transport such as sacks and boxes.

Conveyor Belts, one of our Ussort Technology branded Conveying Systems are “Inspection Belt” which enables to detect the impurities and select it by manually while the products are passing through the belt; “Telescopic Conveyor” which is widely used in warehouses and product distribution centers for conveying boxes, bags and stackable cargos; Inclined Conveyor Belt used for loading or unloading the products.

Many different models of these conveying systems are also offered in our machine park in accordance with the demand.

Conveying Systems-“Screws”

Screws, which are one of the Conveying Systems, transport granular dried food products such as seeds, cereals or wastes such as dust from one place to another by moving them by means of the spiral structure inside. This place can be the container of a transfer vehicle such as a truck, lorry, or the product is transferred to silos or the can be fed into a machine for processing with the help of a screw.

Ussort Technology offers Screw Conveyors and Pipe Type Screw Conveyors. As Ussort Technology, we always use high-quality materials in our production process. We manufacture screws in the requested size within the framework of the user’s demand.