As Ussort Technology we also have Printers in our product range. Printers are used to print information such as expiry date, production date, barcode, batch number on the products. In Dry Food Processing Plants, these machines are also used in the post-packing process.

To identify products, packaging, cartons and pallets, it is important to process barcodes using printers.

The printers available within Ussort Technology are “Videojet 6210, Videojet 6250, Videojet DataFlex 6320, Videojet DataFlex 6420, SVM 32 C, SVM 53 C, Videojet 1520”.

Printers create high performance barcodes

As Ussort Technology, we offer a range of printers with different features. Our models produce high performance barcodes containing sales dates, batch numbers, prices, source codes and much more.

Our printers are equipped with the necessary features to print fixed and variable text, data and graphics. They are state of the art machines.

Printers are easily integrated into auxiliary machines

Ussort Technology has several models of printers. Each of them can be used in the different areas depending on the packaging and plant requirements. The Ussort Technology Project Team decides on the machines and models according to the customer’s expectations. Our printers can be easily integrated into machines such as vertical and horizontal form fillers, sealing systems, primary labellers, thermoformers and wrappers.

Our machines reduce consumables and energy consumption. Our printers encode at the highest quality and speed. By using printers, barcoding operations can be serialised and results can be achieved quickly without using human labour.

Printers are needed to identify the product.

The final stage of the production line is the packaging and barcoding process. In the Dried Food Industry, packaging and boxing processes often take place on production lines. There are printers in facilities that have a brand or contract packaging by cleaning products such as legumes and nuts.

Technology is advancing every day. We follow all developments closely. As Ussort Technology, we are currently installing plants in 75 countries around the world, and Our Installation Teams are installing machines and providing training on how to use them.

We will continue to provide our customers with high quality, innovative, efficient and value-added solutions.