Bailing Machine


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Baling Machines. Our Machines: BVM-1300 Baling Machine, BVM-1300-MC Baling Machine, BVM-1300-S Baling Machine, BHM-530 Baling Machine.
These machines, which reduce costs and speed up production, bale the products transferred from the filling machine untouched by human hands and in the desired quantities thanks to its belt system. By this way, the products are made ready for delivery in a short time and almost perfectly.

Baling Machines Can Do the Same Work as 5 Persons.

The Baling Machines we manufacture as Ussort Technology are designed to enable the work of four or five persons to be achieved with just one person. Machine Models vary depending on user needs, and alternatives are offered to the user.

We have vertical or horizontal models. There are technologies that provide baling of small packages or large packages. Models providing baling with single or double row, triple, four or five row systems in the desired quantities are included in our production line.

Our machines have a touchpad control panel and very easy to use. Baling dimensions can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. The models perform product baling without any problems by using systems such as ready-made bag system, roll foil system.

In Baling Machines, the system has been developed to stop the complete line and ensure safety in case of any error that may occur during operation. These machines are capable of baling up to 100 packages per minute. Depending on the model, bale weights ranging from 20 kg to 25 kg can be achieved.

Baling Machines with High Speed, Minimum Cost and Labor

Our machines run at high speed, capable of baling dozens of packages per minute with minimum cost and labor.

Technologies performing almost perfect operations simplify the user’s work. As Ussort Technology, our BVM- 1300 Baling Machine, BVM- 1300- MC Baling Machine, BVM- 1300-S Baling Machine, BHM- 530 Baling Machine offer useful solutions to the user.

As Ussort Technology, we always stand by our users. We also provide our users with Baling Machine installation, instructional training and spare parts services. We are present at any point in the world, anytime there is a need.

We supply our Baling Machines and install them by our expert teams.