Packaging Machines and Equipments


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Packaging Machines and Equipments. Our product range includes various models. We can classify these models as follows: Vertical Packaging Machines, Rotary Type Packaging Machines, Filling Machines, Seed Counting Machines, Baling Machines, Bagging Machines.

Packaging Machines and Equipments are technologies that offer the opportunity to pack granular dried food products, which are cleaned in Cereals, Pulses, Nuts and Seeds Processing Plants, in different sizes and made ready to meet with the final consumer.

Ussort Technology offers many different models specially developed for different products. Packaging Machines and Equipment developed by considering the demands of the user take their place in our machine park, from the model that packs 5 kg to 50 kg by weighing, to the models that perform the packaging process by counting the grains and that work with different package forms such as vertical, horizontal, accordion, etc.

Packaging Machines and Equipments with Low Cost and High Speed

As Ussort Technology, all the Packaging Machines and Equipments we have within our structure are the state-of-the-art technology products. The common feature of our machines is that they work as economically as possible and perform the packaging process at high speed and efficiency by means of servo motor technology.
Packaging Machines and Equipments, which make serial and standard packaging, have an automatic control system and are managed by touch screen. Providing easy adjustment and ease of use thanks to this feature, Packaging Machines and Equipments can pack different types of products ranging from coffee beans, spices, potato chips to pet food as well as granular dried food types.

Packaging Machines and Equipments include models that can operate both a 5kg package and a 50kg sack. Considering food safety and health, materials such as stainless chrome and aluminium are preferred in the construction of the surfaces in contact with the product.

Automatic film adjustment is used in packaging machines to avoid misalignment problems during packaging. That is, there is an advanced sensor system that continuously controls the cutting points.

Packaging Machines and Equipments are exhibited in a special showroom at Ussort Technology

As Ussort Technology, we supply our Packaging Machines and Equipments which have a wide range of industries to all over the world. As Ussort Technology, we have a showroom in our factory where we exhibit our packaging machines and equipments. In this area, our customers have the opportunity to test any model of packaging machine.