Metal Dedectors


The Food Metal Detector takes its place in our machine park of more than 400 machines and equipment. Metal Detectors are used in the food processing industry. Despite all the care taken during production, it is possible for metal particles to get into the food. The Metal Detector eliminates this possibility. Metal Detectors are used to identify and remove metal contaminants.

Tunnel Type Metal Detectors, Pipe Type Metal Detectors and Single or Dual Channel Metal Detector Models are available in our range.

Metal Detector Detects Even The Smallest Pieces of Metal

Metal Detectors have a unique sensitivity to metal contaminants. It can detect even very small metal particles. It is simple to use and easy to integrate into Food Processing Plants. Revisions and adjustments can be made to the machine depending on product specifications and customer requirements. This maximises the sensitivity of the machine.
The Metal Detectors have a stainless steel body and the food contact areas are suitable for human health. The bag type metal detector used for large packages has a high sensitivity. Our Detector provides a precise solution in the production line by easily integrating into the production line. It detects metals in the bag or package and separates them from the production line. The control panel of the Metal Detector can be digitally displayed and settings can be made on the panel.

Metal Detector at Ussort Technology

Our aim is to ensure the best possible sifting, cleaning, grading, sorting and packaging of the product in dry food processing plants. We make the necessary machinery and equipment available by considering all the details. Metal Detector can also be one of the machines needed in full-fledged facilities. For this reason; we also include Metal Detector in our range.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we design the production lines in detail and place the necessary machines and equipment in the project work we carry out. It is possible to achieve a wide range of machines from Tunnel Type Metal Detectors to Pipe Type Metal Detectors, and Single or Dual-Channel Metal Detector models.

As Ussort Technology, we add value to our installations with our state-of-the-art metal detectors. Our installation teams can install machines and provide training on machine operation anywhere in the world. We always stand by our customers with our After Sales Technical Support Team.