Excell 710 – Air Nuts Cleaning Machine

Product CodeExcell 710


 Thanks to its screen structure, it removes smaller impurities from the nuts, and it separates walnuts that are light or empty with the help of an air lifting channel. Despite its small size, it is possible to operate at high capacity.


 The product that enters the machine is separated from the broken and small impurities by passing through the screens. The screened product, passes through the air lifting channel at the outlet of the machine. Then the empty (light) walnuts are separated from the clean product (heavy).

Technical Table
Machine Dimentions (mm) 2075x2023x1887 xyz
Machine Weight 1300Kg
Screening Area 1m²
Number of Screens 1
Screening Sizes mm-xz    1245X800
Machine Accentric Motor kW  1,5
Machine Bottom Fan Motor kW  1,5
Machine Noice Level 80 Decibel Maksimum
Machine Color Acrylic Grey – Acrylic White
Screen Cleaning Self-Cleaning System
Standard Voltage 380 Volt – 3 Faz Total Power 3 kW
Machine Manufacture Material st 44 Ç 1040 1st Class Plywood