Color Sorters


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Color Sorting Machines. Our machine park includes Diamond Series Color Sorting Machine, Lion Series Color Sorting Machine, Horizontal Series Color Sorting Machines and Laboratory Type Color Sorting Machines.

Color Sorting Machine has been designed to sort granular products such as seeds, pulses, nuts by their color. This machine series, supported by the power of technology, identifies and separates the unwanted grains thanks to its high resolution camera system.

Colour Sorting Machines increase the cleaning quality of the pre-cleaned product to 99.9% in seed, grain, pulses, nuts processing plants.

Capacity Increases as the Number of Channels Increases in Colour Sorting Machine

Colour Sorting Machines are used to achieve almost perfect cleaning in the pre-cleaned product. The screen-controlled technology is adjusted according to the product and maximum results are achieved. Colour Sorting Machines can sort products from 1 channel to 10 channels and the capacity of the cleaned product increases as the number of channels increases.

By making the necessary adjustments on the screen, the user can detect and sort foreign particles, grains with different size, color, and textures, broken grains, transparent materials, shelled and unshelled products. For example, while it sorts small and stained kernels in sunflower seeds, it can be used to separate shelled and unshelled products in hazelnut products.

We have a Colour Sorting Machine Model suitable for every need in our machine park.

Colour Sorting Machines, Superior Technology by Ussort Technology

Colour Sorting Machine Models are available in horizontal and vertical form. Common features of the models with advanced technological features are: high-tech optical lens, high-resolution colour camera technology, compressed air injectors.

Ussort Technology supports technology and innovative ideas. We continuously improve the machines in our machine park by adding a new feature.

Considering the variety of pulses, cereals and nuts, it is quite normal that the needs and expectations are also different and diverse. As Ussort Technology, we continue to add innovative models to our machine park by analysing the needs of our machine users.

Ussort Technology will maintain to produce technology for the Global Dry Food Market.