As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Dehullers. We have two diffirent types of Dehuller: Sunflower Seed Peeling Machine, Peanut Peeling Machine (Vertical Huller). Nut varieties are used in many areas in the Global Food Market. Both shelled and unshelled products can be specially demanded.

As Ussort Technology, we pay attention to the market demands and decide on our machine park and continuously improve our machines with innovative ideas. Our dehullers Sunflower Seed Peeling Machine and Peanut Peeling Machine are also produced to meet industry expectations.

“Sunflower Seed Peeling Machine”, the Technology Separating Sunflower Seed from its Shell

As Ussort Technology, we also have a technology used in the pastry industry that removes the sunflower seed kernel from its shell: “Sunflower Seed Peeling Machine”.

The working principle of “Sunflower Seed Peeling Machine”, one of our Dehullers:
There are 4 mills in the machine used for product peeling. These mills feeds seed onto the centre of a horizontally rotating impeller fitted with outward directing blade. The seed is accelerated outward along the blades and collides with the static wall where the hull is craked.The mixture consisting of kernels, husks and unshelled product is discharged through an outlet hopper. The loses hulls , partially dehulled seed and some unshelled seed needs separating from dehulled kernels as next processing. At this stage an aspirator removes hulls from kernels by means of aspiration.

The rotation speed of the mill can be adjusted according to the sensitivity of the product.

“Peanut Peeling Machine”, one of our Dehullers
Another one of our Dehullers is Peanut Peeling Machine. The half roasted product is placed in the server via the elevatör. The peels are removed and the compressed air works at the top to prevent the accumulation of cobalt. Product peeled located at the bottom and remove the product are floating powders vibration sieves. The peels are sucked out through the damper system.

Peanuts need to be separated from the shell before they are roasted and flavoured with salt or sauce.

As Ussort Technology, we serve the Global Nuts Sector Representatives with our Dehullers.

We supply Sunflower Seed Peeling Machine to the companies engaged in in the Snack and Pastry Industry, to the owners of Nuts Processing Plants that supply peeled products; and Peanut Peeling Machine to the owners of the plants that pack peanuts and bring them to the end consumer.
As Ussort Technology, we are assertive with our Dehullers.