Classical Screening Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture “Classical Screening Machines”. One of the pulses processing machines is classical screening machine and we have various alternative. Classical screening machine is used in pulses processing plants, seed processing plants or dried fruits & nuts cleaning plants.

Our Classic Screening Machines are capable of screening any product.

Classical screening machines can be used in Dried Food Processing Plants where all products categorized as pulses, nuts, seeds and oilseeds are processed. Products such as wheat, peanuts, chickpeas or mung beans are harvested contaminated from the field and sent to the processing plants for cleaning. In the production lines of these plants, a Classical Screening Machine model is determined depending on the characteristics of the product and the expected quality.

Our Classic Screening Machine Models, we manufacture as Ussort Technology and deliver to the Dried Food Sector Representatives both at home and abroad, are:
Combo Screen Cleaner and Grader Machine, Improved Combo Screen Cleaner and Grader Machine, Double Screen Cleaner and Grader Machine, Single Deck Screen Cleaner, Two-Deck Screen Cleaner, Three Deck Screen Cleaner and Grader, Four Deck Screen Cleaner and Grader, Single Deck Screen Grader, Double Deck Grading Machine, Three-Deck Screen Grader, Four-Deck Screen Grader, Five-Deck Screen Grader, Six-Deck Screen Grader.

Working Principle of Classical Screening Machine, Vibration and Air Pressure Operation

As an expert in seed processing and improvement technologies and developing innovative technologies in the field of pulses, cereals, seeds and oilseeds, Ussort Technology R&D Team designs various types of classical screening machines based on customer needs.

The main working principle of the classical screening machines: There is a multilayer sieving mechanism in the machine. In a machine, as the number of sieves is increased and the size of the sieve is enlarged, the tonnage of the sieved product increases in parallel. In addition, the mechanism is based on air pressure and vibration.

To get maximum results from the classical screening machine, additional machinery and equipment are also included in the production line, which are decided by the “Ussort Technology Project Team” based on the product and the requested tonnage