Shrinking Machines


As Ussort Technology, we have shrinking machines in our product range. Our shrink machines are “500 SK Continuous Motion Side Sealer, 500SK Servo Sealing Side Series, 500 SK Pneumatic – Side Sealing Series, 400TY-Fully- Automatic “L” Cut Side-Fed Sealer, 450T Fully-Automatic “L” Cut Sealer, 400T Fully -Automatic “L” Cut Sealer, 2040 PE Fully-Automatic Side-Fed Sealer, 4070PE- Fully Automatic Front-Fed Sealer, 4070 PE Stacking Fully- Automatic Front-Fed Sealer, 4060 PE Side Sealer, 400 SS Semi-Automatic Heat Sealer, 400 TBP- Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Side Sealer, 400 TB Semi-Automatic Side Sealer, 300 M- Manual Side Sealer, 450 M- Manual Side Sealer.

Shrinking Machine Performs Wrapping Process with Plastic Film

As Ussort Technology, we can supply shrinking machines with a wide range of different features. Shrinking is a packaging process in where a group of products is wrapped in plastic film which, after exposing to hot air, holds the products firmly together for transport. Shrinking Machine is frequently used in factories and production facilities where mass production is carried out. It has the capacity to pack the product in a speed that cannot be done by a human in minutes.

Shrinking Machine is Used for Many Purposes.

The product packaged or sealed in a shrinking machine is stored in a more hygienic way. It prevents the packaged product from being opened by anyone. This makes the purchaser feel safe about the product they consume. It protects the product from harmful pests and reduces the risk of being affected by external factors such as moisture and water. It can hold more than one product together. It provides a more aesthetic appearance of the product and allows labels to be affixed on it.

We are Assertive with Our Shrinking Machines

As Ussort Technology, we install full-fledged Dried Food Processing Plants. We supply all the machinery and equipment used in these plants. In order to meet the characteristics of the product and the demands of the user, we also include packaging machines, robotic solutions, stretch wrapping machines and shrinking machines in our range of product.