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As Ussort Technology, we supply ” Cereals Screening Technologies” to 74 countries of the world. We manufacture and export screening, cleaning, grading, sorting, conveying and packaging machines in the field of cereals, pulses, dried fruits and nuts, seeds and oilseeds. Since our establishment in 2017, hundreds of plant installations in 6 continents have been successfully carried out by our installation teams.

We carry out production in our 4 factories located in Mersin- Tarsus Organised Industrial Zone on an area of 115 thousand square metres. We manufacture an average of 450 machinery and equipment with more than 300 personnel and provide service to the Global Machinery Market.

As an establishment with the capacity to install more than 200 full-fledged plants per year, we meet the machinery needs of the global dried food market. We stand by the global dried food industry representatives with our production, installation, technical service and spare parts services.

Pulses Screening and Seed Processing Machines

There are many different dynamics in the screening and cleaning process of dried food products. We develop product-specific solutions. We manufacture and export machine series that take part in the processing stage within the framework of dynamics such as product weight, contamination rate, colour characteristics and sensitivity.
We manufacture machines processing pulses such as lentils, beans, chickpeas, fava beans, kidney beans, peas, cowpeas, bulgur and semolina. We also manufacture machinery and equipments processing cereals such as wheat, barley, corn, rice, rye and oats.

Our Pulses Screening and Seed Processing Machine series can be listed as follows: Excell Series Screening Machines, Classic Screening Machines, Pre-Cleaning Machines, De-stoner Machines, Gravity Separator Machines, Indent Cylinders, Brushing Machines, Liquid and Powder Treatment Machines, Hulling Machines, Hulling Mills.

Nut Processing Systems

We make all the difference in the world with our Nut Processing Technologies. We have machinery and equipment that manage the processes of removing the outer green shell of walnut in particular, and separating the thick shell from the kernels by cracking.

We can also list our Nut Processing Systems, which operate at the target capacity and with the highest efficiency, as follows: Walnut Cracking Systems, Grading and Cleaning Machines, Peeling and Drying Machines.

Colour Sorting Machines

Colour sorting machines are used to obtain almost perfect results in the cleaning and sorting process of dried nuts such as sunflower seeds and pulses such as lentils. Our state-of-the-art technology colour sorting machines have features such as 1 to 10 channel options and infrared light technology. Thanks to such technological advantages of the machine, we can sort products with colour difference or residues by processing high tonnages of products.

Our Colour Sorting Machine Series are: Diamond Series, Lion Series, Horizontal Belt Series and Analysis Type Colour Sorting Machine.

Product Conveying Systems

Conveying systems are used after dried food products are processed and cleaned. While transporting products between machines, different systems are used according to the capacity of the plant and the characteristics of the product. Elevators, conveyor belts and screw conveyors that meet the needs in the production line are included in our equipment range.

Packaging Machinery and Equipment & After-Packaging Machinery and Equipment

The final stage of the product processing is the packaging process. Ussort Technology manufactures packaging machines depending on the package shape, package weight or the type and value of the product.

Our Packaging Machine Series are categorised under the following types:
Vertical Packaging Machines, Rotary Type Packaging Machines, Filling Machines, Seed Counting Machines, Baling Machines, Bagging Machines.
We also have machines that accompany the packaging or after-packaging processes: Carton Box Machines, Robotic Solutions, Streching Machines, Shrinking Machines, Vacuum Machines, Metal Detectors, Printers, Carton Coding Machines and Sticking Machines.

Ussort Technology is a manufacturer, spare parts supplier and assembler of grain, pulses, seed and oilseed processing systems that manages the process from harvest to table. The machines within Ussort Technology, clean and separate the product from foreign materials after the harvest and separate the imperfect seed from the quality ones. We also serve the industry with intelligent machines that manage the packing process.