Robotic Solutions


As Ussort Technology, we offer Robotic Solutions. As a company that develops and manufactures “Grain Processing Technologies” and was established with one hundred percent domestic capital, we manufacture full-fledged grain, pulses, ddried fruits and nuts, seed and oilseed processing plants. Natural products from the field are cleaned and packaged and easily stacked thanks to robot systems.

The robot systems offered by Ussort Technology: Palletizer Robot AKY 600, Palletizer Robot RBT 80, Palletizer Robot RBT 130, Spider Robot.

Easy Stacking Thanks to Robotic Systems

Robotic solutions have been developed for picking and handling. All our Robotic Systems are high-speed and have high location performance. Our high-tech models save labor and time for the user. So, it reduces costs and boost productivity. With its jointed structure and perfect movement feature in Z axis, it achieves perfect results significantly higher than manpower in handling, transporting and stacking. The option to be operated in 3 shifts offers an advantage. Each model of our Robotic Solutions has a light alloy outer body made of durable materials.

Robotic Solutions Ideal for Handling and Stacking Heavy Packages

As Ussort Technology, we rely on our Robotic Solutions. Meeting the needs of the industry and offering technology solutions, our models can handle and stack products from 1 kg up to 60kg, 80kg, 130kg, 210kg.

Our technologies are manufactured with remote control for easy use. It is easy and safe to use. Our Robotic Solutions have energy saving feature. Thanks to advanced servo technology, multi-axis movement robot arm, and smart functional features such as movement precision, high payload, emergency stop system, error reporting system, it outperforms manpower.

Packages and sacks are the products that are primarily stacked in the Dried Food Industry. However, these technologies can also handle and stack products such as boxes, cartons and bottles. In today’s high-tempo world, there is a need for fast technologies. As Ussort, we add technologies to our machine park by keeping our finger on the pulse of the age thanks to our Robotic Solution. As of today, while establishing facilities in 75 countries around the world, we also meet the needs of our industry representatives in Turkey so that they do not acquire technology from a different part of the world.

We provide service our industry representatives with our Robotic Solutions.

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