Excell 700 – Nuts Cleaning Machine

Product CodeExcell 700


 It is used for grading the nuts and separate from its shells. It is generally used in cracking plants.


 The product that enters the machine is separated from the broken, fine broken (for oil) and unbroken shelled nuts by passing through the screens. In addition, the shells that are remaining in the screened product gets separated while passing through the air lifting channel at the outlet of the machine.

Technical Table
Machine Dimentions (mm) xyz  3260x2160x1520
Machine Weight 2200 Kg
Screening Area 3m²
Number of Screens 1
Screening Sizes 1245X2400  mm-xz
Machine Accentric Motor 1,5 kW
Machine Noice Level 72 Desibel Maksimum
Machine Color Acrylic Grey – Acrylic White
Screen Cleaning Self-Cleaning Systems
Standard Voltage 380 Volt Total Power 1.5 kW
Machine Manufacture Material st 44 Ç 1040 1st Class Plywood