Gravity Separators


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture “Gravity Separators”. Gravity Separator is used for the removal of light impurites admixture, insect damage and immature kernels from natural products. We have two models in our range of machines: Gravity Separator, Gravity Separator GRV-100 ALFA.

Gravity Separator, Important Step for Perfect Cleaning.

As Ussort Technology, our goal in the screening plants we have installed is to achieve 99.9 per cent cleanliness. Gravity Separator is one of the machinery and equipment responsible for the cleaning process in the processing plants in the field of Cereals, Pulses, Dried Fruits & Nuts, Seeds and Oil Seeds. Particles of different weights, sizes and structures such as dust, sand, stalks, stones, metal, cigarette butts, etc. are separated based on their characteristics by different machines in the processing process. Gravity Separators also work on light impurities and weak products. This stage is important and necessary whether the machine is working on pulses, seeds or nuts.

Gravity Separators Can Process A Variety of Products By Means of Its Adjustable Table Angle.

Products separated from heavier particles by pre-cleaning machines on the production line flow into the Gravity Separator to be cleaned from weak grains and lighter impurities.

Working principle of Gravity Separator: The products flowing onto the screen deck in the Gravity Separator are distributed to different directions of the deck by using the lower air and vibration. By this way, the light impurities and weak grains desired to be separated from the product, are discharged, and good products are transferred to the following machine.

Gravity Separator GRV – 100 ALFA, Advanced Technology Product

Gravity Separator GRV-100 ALFA, compared to the other model, works without the need for fixing, table tightening and loosening adjustments, and operates freely at the angle of the deck and screen by means of the counterbalance system. Considering user convenience, we have developed models operating with screen controlled system and semi-automatic system. We can also manufacture machines in large or x-large sizes.

As Ussort Technology, we continue to develop machine models with innovative ideas by paying attention to the needs of sector representatives.