Nut Cracking Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Walnut Cracking Systems. We are capable of installing full-fledged Walut Processing Lines and manufacture all the necessary machinery and equipment within our facility. As Ussort Technology, we install technology to the world with our peeling, washing, drying, grading, cracking, cleaning, color sorting and packaging machines. We are also assertive with our Walnut Cracking Systems.

Our Walnut Cracking Systems are “Walnut Cracking Machine, Grading and Cleaning Machine, Peeling and Drying Machine”.

Walnut Cracking Systems, Technologies Facilitating the Cracking Process

As Ussort Technology, we design innovative machines by analysing the needs of Nut Industry Representatives. The crop, harvested from the field and required to be separated from the thick shell by peeling, used to be cracked by hand in classical methods. The machines we have developed as Ussort Technology and brought together with our Nuts Industry Representatives crack the product precisely without damaging it.

Natural Product is separated from the green shell and thick shell thanks to the Nut Processing Systems consisting of nut cracking machine, grading and cleaning machine, peeling and drying machine.

Nut Cracking Systems are “Walnut Cracking Machine and Hazelnut Cracking Machine”.

Walnut Cracking Machine and Hazelnut Cracking Machine, one of the Nut Cracking Systems, cracks the shell without damaging the crop. These technologies, which can crack high tonnages of shelled products in a short time, provide great ease to the user compared to traditional manual cracking methods. The technology, which also benefits from manpower, processes the product in accordance with the country’s health safety standards.

Walnut Cracking and Hazelnut Cracking Machines, one of the Nut Crushing Systems, are technologies specially developed by Ussort Technology over the years.

Nut Cracking Systems: Nuts Grading and Cleaning Machine

The shelled nuts, processed in the Nut Cracking Machine, are graded into four sizes in the grading and cleaning machine and separated from the shells.
Since the surfaces in contact with the product are made of stainless material, they are safe for human health. Technologies are designed in such a way that there will be no damage to the nuts in this process.

Thanks to the mechanism inside the machine, the shelled products that are not cracked by the system are subjected to re-cracking process. Thus, waste is minimised and maximum results are obtained from the cracking process.

Nut Cracking Systems work to achieve an almost perfect result by complementing each other in the production line.