Carton Coding Machines


As Ussort Technology, we have carton coding machines in our machine park. We can set up Automatic Carton Box Preparation and Filling Lines. In this process, the Carton Coding Machine can also be integrated into the production process.

As Ussort Technology, we have “Videojet 1520” as a Carton Coding Machine model in our range.

The Carton Coding Machine has been developed for the industrial and packaging industry.

The Carton Coding Machine can be used for direct printing, barcode coding, logo and image printing on cardboard boxes or perforated surfaces. It can print dozens of cartons per minute. It can print in all directions.

It has high resolution, large character coding, colour coding function.

Carton Coding Machine works fast

The Carton Coding Machine can be connected to multiple independent printers, each capable of printing real-time data onto high quality cartons. Dozens of boxes are quickly completed per minute.

It can operate 24 hours a day. Operations such as writing large text on the desired product, box or parcel, date coding, logo coding are easily performed.
The Carton Coding Machine can be controlled by touch screen. It can work with technologies such as Internet, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB.
Web server can also be integrated for remote control.

Carton coding machine at Ussort Technology

As Ussort Technology; we install full-fledged processing plants in the field of cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds and oilseeds. The final stage is the packaging of the product. The packaging process varies according to the product and the customer’s expectations.

The packaged products can have barcodes on them, and the packaged products can be boxed in Automatic Carton Preparation and filling lines. Printers and package coding machines also play a role in this process. In this way, the required information about the product and the company is printed on the packaged product and then on the cartons and boxes. The Carton Coding Machine is necessary to ensure that the product reaches the end consumer in a safe and healthy way.

It is the job of our “installation team” to install full-fledged plants and provide training on how to use the machines. Our “after sales technical support team” provides machine maintenance, repair and spare parts service.

We can install full-fledged plants anywhere in the world. As Ussort Technology, we are now present in 75 countries. We continue to install full-fledged plants all over the world…