Conveyor Belts


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Conveyor Belts. Conveyor belts are specific transportation systems that speed up production and reduce costs by saving of time.

Our Conveyor Belts are “Inspection Belt, Telescopic Conveyor, Inclined Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Belt, Tripper Conveyor, and U-Type/Pipe Type Screw Conveyors.

Conveyor Belts, Also Known as Transport Belts

Conveyor Belts, which have a wide range of fields of usage from the bagging process to the loading of bagged or packed products, are included in our range of machinery and equipment.

We have various types of conveyor belts with different design and technical features depending on their usage areas.

“Inclined Conveyor Belt” can be used for loading or unloading stackable products such as bags and cartons thanks to its angled design.

“Tripper Conveyor” is used to carry the bulk product (seed, pulses, nuts etc.) horizontally from one place to (e.g silos) several points.

“Product Conveyor Belt”, one of our conveyor belts, which has a system to carry bulk products horizontally from one place to another. With its low or hi-speed motors, the conveyor belt moves and helps to carry the bulk product. The drums can adjust the tension of the belt.

U-Type and Pipe Type Screw Conveyors are also used in Dried Food Processing Plants. Ussort Technology branded Screw Conveyors are responsible for carrying and transferring all kinds of granular products and similar materials. Screw conveyors are used especially for transferring fragile products or agricultural products from one place to another with slow speed. Besides the agricultural sector, it is also a preferred auxiliary equipment in the sub-industry sectors.

Conveyor Belts, A Special Model for Any Need

As Ussort Technology, As Ussort Technology, we elaborately draw projects in the small or large scale screening plants installed in the field of cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds and oilseeds, and we put these projects into practice. Conveyor Belts are one of the important equipments of the plants, so we include a conveyor belt model that will definitely serve the needs in the plants installed.