About Us

Ussort Technology is an expert on Seed Conditioning and Processing Technology. Ussort Technology manufactures innovative technologies in the field of legumes, grain, dried fruit, seed and oilseed.

Improves, designs, manufactures, installs. Ussort Technology carries out the cleaning, screening, liquid treatment, packaging and transportation processing of the mentioned product groups by means of the machines developed and produced innovatively. The establishment manufactures 350 machines and equipment of different kinds; can built 150 full-fledged plant per year.

Young but has a long-standing background. Ussort Technology established in the first quarter of 2017 rised on a 40-year base. The establishment having trade relations in more than 60 countries in the five continents of the World can serve to the every part of the World.

A global seed cleaning technologies manufacturer. Ussort Technology is a global “Grain Cleaning Technologies Manufacturer” that makes production in the production and assembly plants located in Mersin, Turkey. Beside classical customer services, Ussort Technology provides its customers with installation, after sales support, machine utilization training and spare part supply services.