Excell Cleaners


As Ussort Technology, we have more than 20 “Excell Series Fine Cleaning Machine” models as of today. We have Excell Series Fine Cleaning and Grading Machines that perform pre-cleaning, sensitive screening, grading, sensitive cleaning & grading.

These technologies are used effectively in the process of screening, cleaning and grading of pulses, cereals, nuts, seeds and oilseeds.

Our Fine Cleaning Machine Models are: Excell 100 Plus Pre-Cleaner Series, Excell 117 Turbo Pre-Cleaning Machine, Excell 203 Turbo Plus Fine Cleaning Machine, Excell 207 Turbo Super Fine Cleaning Machine, Excell 208 Turbo Super Sensitive Fine Cleaning Machine, Excell 220 Plus Grader Series, Excell 228, Excell 233 Screen Grading Machine, Excell 245 Grading Machine, Excell 246 Grading Machine, Excell 288 Sensitive Cleaning and Calibrating Machine, Excel 308 Plus High Capacity Fine Cleaning Machine Series, Excell 333 Screen Grading Machine, Excell Combo 403 Fine Cleaning and Grading Machine, Excell Combo 406 Fine Cleaning and Grading Machine, Excell Troy 408 Super-Fine Cleaning Machine, Excell 804, Excell 808 High Capacity Pre-Cleaning Machine, Excell 844, Excell 1004.

Excell Series Fine Cleaning Machines Screens, Cleans, Grades.

As Ussort Technology, we install full-fledged and high-tech “Dried Food Processing Plants”. Our Fine Cleaning Machines are designed with innovative solutions and can be operated automatically with a touch screen.

We can summarise the basic working principle of Fine Cleaning Machines as follows:
Fine Cleaning Machines have a layered sieve mechanism. By using vibration and air pressure, the products are screened, cleaned or graded by means of sieves. Auxiliary machinery and equipment also accompany the Excell Series Fine Cleaning Machines in the production line to ensure perfect results.

Different types of Excell Models are placed in Nuts Processing Plants, Pulses Processing Plants and Seed Processing Plants. At this point, the shell, size, sensitivity features of the product and the capacity rate demanded by the user come into play at the decision phase.

We create production lines by focusing on product, plant type, plant capacity and customer expectations and include the most suitable Excell Fine Cleaning Machine Model in the process.

As Ussort Technology, we have various models to meet every need. We stand by the Global Dried Food Sector Representatives.