Vacuum Machines


As Ussort Technology, Vacuum Machines also have their place in our machine park. The Vacuum Machine Models included in our product range: VKM 700 Series, PT DZQ 400- 500- 600/2SB, PT TB- 390- 540, PT M2 Series, PT M3 Series, PY M4 Series, PT DZQ400 T/ EB PT DZQ500 T/EB.

Vacuum Machine is used to remove air from a package before sealing. It reduces the oxygen content in the packaging, prevents molding of the packaged food, maintain the color and fragrance of food, and extend the shelf life.

As Ussort Technology, we can supply Vacuum Machines for different sizes of pack, handling different weights of product.

Vacuum Machines Make Storage and Distribution Easier

Vacuum Machine is a technology that prevents the product from coming into contact with oxygen by removing the air inside the packaged product. In this way the freshness of the food is maintained. In addition, it also minimises packaging space and is useful for storage. Considering that the world’s food exchange is carried out overseas, it also provides food protection for transfer and distribution operations and prepares the environment during long-distance shipment by maintaining freshness.

The technology known as Vacuum Machine or Vacuum Packaging Machine extends the shelf life of dried foods, processed foods or perishable food stuffs.

As Ussort Technology, our product range includes benchtop vacuum machines, chamber vacuum machines and conveyor belt machines. Our machines can be easily integrated into existing production lines or new production lines being planned. These technologies can also be used separately depending on the user’s capacity requirements and expectations.

Vacuum Machines, which protect products from the negative effects of the environment, extend their shelf-life and meet the needs of the supply chain, are used for a wide range of food products, from delicatessen foods to pulses and dried fruits and nuts, and are also preferred for industrial and consumer products.

As Ussort Technology, we are assertive with our vacuum machines “VKM 700 Series, PT DZQ 400- 500- 600/2SB, PT TB- 390- 540, PT M2 Series, PT M3 Series, PY M4 Series, PT DZQ400 T/EB PT DZQ500 T/EB”.