Vertical Packaging Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture various models of packaging machines. “Vertical Packaging Machines” is one of these series. Our Vertical Packaging Machines includes BSC Series Vertical Form Filling Machines, HSP Series Vertical Form Filling Machines, Quadro Series Vertical Form Filling Machines. As Ussort Technology, we are constantly developing new packaging machine models with our expert staff. Our guests can see and test our Vertical Packaging Machines, which pack cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds and oilseeds in different models and operate in different tonnages, in the exhibition area.

Vertical Packaging Machines, running efficiently at high speed, are cost effective thanks to its technology.

Vertical Packaging Machines Meet Every Need with a Variety of Models

BSC Series is one of the Vertical Packaging Machines. BSC Series Vertical Form Filling Machine operates at high efficiency with low cost. It has a large touch screen. It has film coating system and horizontal sealing feature. Fully automatic warning protection function is combined with servo control feature. Suitable for coffee bean packaging. It is also possible to pack products such as sugar, salt, spices, potatoes, chips, jelly, pet food with this Vertical Packaging Machine.

“HSP Series Vertical Form Filling Machine” is one other of the Vertical Packaging Machines. It attracts attention with its high speed. It is is controlled by three servo motors with continuous pulling film system and of maximum speed which can catch 120bags/min. The technology that safely packs food products is made of more than 90 per cent stainless steel.

“Quadro Series Vertical form Filling Machine” has an industrial patented design. It is made of more than 90 per cent stainless steel. It is a stable working model and a machine with low operational cost. It has superior packaging capability thanks to its new upgrade former. It also has a perfect alarm system to protect the workers safety & save materials. Grippers, specially designed for the Quatro technology, provide a proper sealing of the pack.

Vertical Packaging Machines Exported to the World by Ussort Technology

As Ussort Technology, we include packaging machines at the last stage in our plants that process bulk or granular dried foods. We export Vertical Packaging Machines, one of the most demanded machines, to the world.