Filling Machines


As Ussort Technology, we manufacture “Filling Machines”. Our Filling machines includes “Multihead Weigher, Powder Filling Screw Machine, Semi-Automatic Powder Filling and Packing System”, and Linear Weigher, Volumetric Series as auxiliary equipments.

Filling machines are generally equipped with a multihead system and manufactured to fill by weight. They are used for precision filling of dried food products in granular or powder form.

Filling Machine- “Multihead Weigher”

As Ussort Technology, we manufacture Filling Machines. One of our Filling Machines is “Multihead Weigher”. It is used for weighing and filling of grains such as rice, sugar, pulses, chips, candy, etc. with assay balance scale. It has 18 heads. It is suitable for all kinds of granular products.

Filling Machine – “Powder Filling Screw Machine”

“Powder Filling Screw Machine” is one of our Filling Machines. It has a filling capacity of 20 to 60 packages of powder product per minute. It is made of stainless steel considering human health. Therefore, it fully complies with health standards. It performs the filling process with high precision and speed by means of its servo motor feature. This high tech machine has a long service life.

Filling Machine- “Semi-Automatic Powder Filling and Packing System

This Filling Machine is used for packaging products such as pesticides, fertilisers, granules etc. It is completely made of chrome material and offers high precision and fast packaging thanks to servo motor technology.

Thanks to its technology, it is most suitable and economic for packing small granular products. The device can easily be controlled through the touch screen.

Other Filling Machines- “Linear Weigher” and “Volumetric Dosing Unit”

Another Filling Machine offered by Ussort Technology is the “Linear Weigher”, included in our machine park with 2-head and 4-head alternatives. It is one of our most economical models and ideal for packing small grains into small bags. Also known as ” Constant Weighing Scale Series”.

“Volumetric Dosing Unit” is one of our Filling Machine Models. It has 2 and 4 head alternatives. Like the Linear Scale, this model also processes small grains. The 4-head model can process weights from 0.5 to 3g and the 2-head model from 0.2 to 2g. The 4-head model packs 10 to 30 products per minute, compared to the 2-head model which packs 10 to 60 products per minute. It has automatic display control and adopts a precision operation of product.