Peeling and Drying Machines


Nut Processing Plants consist of peeling and drying, cleaning and grading, sorting and packing units. In each unit, there are machinery and equipment groups specially designed and manufactured for the process.

Peeling and Drying Machines are one of these units. Our technologies in our machine park under the title of Peeling and Drying Machines are “Vertical Conveyor, Stick Separator, Tree Nut De-Stoner, Tree Nut Washing Machine, Modular Nut Dryer, Multi-Layer Drying System”.

Peeling and Drying Machines, Technologies Preparing Nuts for Cleaning and Grading Process

Peeling and Drying Machines take their place in our machine park with Ussort Technology brand.

The working principle of the Peeling and Drying Machines: The product such as walnut, chestnut transported to the “Stick Separator” with the help of “Vertical Conveyor”, is separated from the impurities such as sticks and branches, and then transferred to the “Tree Nut De-Stoner” to be separated from the stones. Then, nuts are poured into the drum type peeling chamber by means of a conveyor or elevator. It is exposed to pressurized water in the drum. In this way, the shell is softened and washed. The product gets peeled and separated from the outer green skin with its specially designed iron brushes and blades in the peeling machine. After that, the peeled nuts are transferred to “Modular nut Dryer” or “Multi-Layer Drying System”. After all these processes, nuts are ready to be transferred to the next unit for grading and cleaning.

Peeling and Drying Machines, Superior Technology Making a Difference

As Ussort Technology, we serve the Turkish Walnut Industry with our machines and manufacture all the machinery and equipment required in a full-fledged Nut Processing Plant. Thus, we save the industry representatives of our country from being dependent on outside sources in this field and we supply our machines to the world as an establishment with 100% domestic capital.

We are also assertive with our Peeling and Drying Machines. We install and deliver our technological, innovative, solution-oriented, economical and high-speed machines; we also meet the need for breakdowns and spare parts when necessary.

In our country, as a company that manufactures, installs and provides after-sales support services for full-fledged nut processing plants, we offer everything together and make a difference.