Brushing Machine

Product CodeALFA BRS 100


The Brushing Machine is a multifunctional machine.

1. Its used to separate the impurities (sand, dust, etc.) from the pulses (beans, mung beans, etc.) and polishes the product.

2. Its used for brushing and polishing the products such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.

3. It cleans and de-awns the spice seeds such as aniseed and caraway seeds.

4. It decreases the saponin rate at a minimum level by brushing the quinoa’s outer layer.


 The product is poured into the cylinder and it’s exposed to friction with the help of rotating brush. In this way the product is separated from the skin, awn and impurities. Remaining dust in the cylinder is aspirated to the cyclone and stored inside bags or tote bags. On the other hand, the dust is rejected with the help of conveyor in the quinoa peeling system.

Technical Table
Machine Type 100 100-2
Machine Capacity 0.4 – 2.5 t/h 0.8 – 5 t/h
Machine Weight 980 kg 1850 kg
Machine Dimensions 3100x2775x1100 4350x2775x1100
Aspirator Motor 7,5 kW 2800 RPM 7,5 kW 2800 RPM
Motor Helezon Olursa
0,55 kW Hepsi Dahil
5,5 kW 5,5 kW x 2
Air Volume m³/h 500 1000
Machine Noise Level 65 Decibel Maximum
Machine Color Galvanized – Acrylic White – Red
Standard Tension 380 V
Machine Product Material s 235 Galvanized Special Brush