Multi-Layer Drying System

Product CodeKYKK


 It is used to dry the products such as walnuts, chestnuts etc.


The machine provides heat with the warm air generator. Then, the warm air is blown to the silo from the bottom.
Firstly, the product is transferred to the 4th floor with the help of a conveyor or elevator.
Secondly, when the humidity level decreases to a certain amount, the product is transferred to the 3rd floor. Then new product is filled to the 4th floor again.
Thirdly, the product on the 3rd floor is transferred to the 2nd floor after the humidity decreases gradually.
Finally, the product is transferred to the 1st floor and when the desired humidity level is reached, it is discharged from the 1st floor.
In summary;
The humidity rate of the product is gradually brought to the desired level and transferred to the lower floor. This process is made continuously.