Fotosorter Diamond Series Two Channel Color Sorter Machine

Product CodeFotosorter B2+


 Fotosorter B2+ Diamond Series Optical Color Sorter is used to sort granular products such as seeds, pulses, nuts and plastics by their color. With its high-resolution, 16MP cameras and air ejectors, it can detect and reject discolored products. Thus, the discolored ones are rejected from the system, and the quality of the pre-cleaned product is increased to 99.9%.





 Product is poured from the pre-storage hopper with the help of vibro-feeders into the channels with free-fall. The machine detects the products according to their color and shape by passing from the line of sight of the cameras located at end of the channels and transferred to 2 different output chutes. While the good products are transferred to the accept output chute, the other ones are separated with the help of ejectors and elevated back to the re-sorting channel. In the re-sorting channel, product passes again from the line of sight of the cameras and re-separated into good and discolored ones. The good ones are combined with the raw material and the discolored ones are rejected from the system. Thus, the waste of good product loss rate is minimized.