Data S-25 Count & Fill Machine

Product CodeS25


 DATA S-25 Seed Counting and Packaging Machine 1mm seeds size even makes fast and accurate count, it fills the required amount into separate package. Extremely reliable and a part of daily production for seed producers and suppliers. This machine is considered for a precise and improved packaging seeds.


DATA S-25 Seed Counting and Packaging Machine  is designed with a continuously rotating carousel until completion of the work order.
Benefits : 

– Provides nearly 100% accuracy
– Save time and money
– The packaging made depending on the scale is more profitable
– Allows the redefinition of work for more complex tasks
– Ease of use
– Low and easy maintenance


– Voltage: 115/230 VAC, 1 phase
– Frequency: 50/60 Hz
– Power consumption: 120 W
– Switch rate: At least 10 slow blowing
– Air connection: 6 mm, air consumption: ~ 4.5 L / min
– Compressed air: 0.1 bar (continuously during operation)
– Dimensions (cm): (W) 50 x (L) 67 x (H) 160
– Tank size: 1,000 cc, 1 Liter
– Weight: ± 60 kg
Package dimensions (mm): min. (width) 85 x (height) 100 max. (max) 170 x (height) 260